Transforming Land, Transforming Lives

In time to be communicated at the World Humanitarian Summit held in Istanbul, Turkey this year, the Lemon Tree Trust together with Dr. Andrew Adam-Bradford, a senior research fellow at the Agroecology, Resilience & Water department of Coventry University has released the wonderful: Transforming Land, Transforming Lives publication.

Blueprint Plans Model Refugee Camps

The Blueprint Initiative, an alliance formed to develop patterns for regenerative settlements, has agreed upon a project to design model refugee camps, Blueprint 200. During a meeting held at Healing Biotope 1, Tamera, from March 30 to April 3, 2016, the plan to design and build two demonstration sites was agreed upon. The sites will embody a whole-system approach to the building of regenerative settlements, and incorporate all aspects of the basic infrastructure needed by displaced people, such as water and sanitation, energy, road access, agriculture, and shelter.