Work in Skala, Greece completed

Skala Swales

The first Blueprint capacity building in Greece was very successful. The impulse for this intervention arose from the GEN+20 summit in Findhorn in July 2015 as a response to the current crisis in the country. In August, during the 'Skala Summer Community Gathering' and a network meeting, 40 members of the Skala community and guests participated in the Permaculture Design Education event. A group, which included Jay Abrahams, Bernd Müller, Martin Funk, Christine Fischer and Sandra Imhof, were the Blueprint team for the training and implementation. The main aim of the project was the introduction of modules for the regenerative design of regional autonomy in the areas of water, food and energy, combining training with concrete implementation within a  community context. The activities aimed to integrate ecological, technological as well as social aspects, and showcase replicable strategies that can increase local capacity to meet their basic needs, as well as, build resilience within a challenging economy.

teaching at Skala

The essence of the ecological intervention was the development of water management that takes natural water cycles and the local surrounding landscape into consideration. This included training and implementation of hand-built swales as well as machine-built Water Retention Landscapes, terraces and an access road on about half a hectare of land, thus creating areas that can be irrigated without pumping and that can catch, store, and spread water on the land. This sets the basis for local water and food sovereignty.
The essence of the technological intervention was the introduction of decentralised biogas digesters as a local energy supply. Under the guidance of Martin Funk and Sandra Imhof, out of 4 standard 1m3 plastic containers (IBC), a digestor and gas storage were builts next to the main building.

Please read the full version of this report here, and information and instructions on the type of digester built can be found here.

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