Blueprint Meeting at Tamera, Portugal

Blueprint Meeting

We gathered for a two-day meeting at Tamera with members of the Blueprint Network to carry on the development of this collaborative community and learning network, whose members share a common set of values and bring distinctive skills that can be integrated into the design of regenerative patterns for human settlements, especially in areas vulnerable to natural and manmade disasters.
We started with a comprehensive update of the activities of each one of those present, which gave a very rich panorama of how much each one of us is engaging with real Blueprint issues out in the world. We also had a special visit from Geoff O’Donoghue from CAFOD, who gave us some great clarity about the potential role of this network in the aid & development sector. His inputs led us to try and refine what the offerings of this network are to the world. We then had small groups discussing and focusing on the following strands:

  • Pre-positioning and Education – training, capacity building and increasing awareness in the humanitarian sector for integrated whole systems design.
  • Supporting regional autonomy & resilience – through the development, connecting and support of living demonstration sites.
  • Post-disaster Taskforce – providing on-the-ground support in during the recovery stage following conflict and disaster.

Small teams also worked on the definition and identity of Blueprint and also on the development of roles for a Secretariat Circle. 
We also discussed possibilities for future projects namely Rojava and working with an aboriginal community in Australia.
On Sunday morning, Magnus, Pete Mellett and Sarah Queblatin from GEN joined us for a Skype meeting so they could also give us their updates! Here you can find the notes taken at the meeting and here is a video made by Serena Aurora with the participants of the gathering, who kindly documented our time together.

Blueprint Team

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