UNHCR Resources on Integrated Design for Refugees


Here are some interesting resources that have been funded by the UNHCR, UN’s refugee agency, which involve more integrated design and solutions. The last two resources were from “Permaculture for Peace” resource list

Redesigning Refugee Communities
Here’s an article on redesigning refugee communities, using an integrated masterplan design, including where to build hospitals, schools, etc. focusing on community development.

Permaculture in Refugee Situations
Produced in 2001 by UNHCR Engineering and Environmental Services Section and the Southern Alliance for Indigenous Resources (SAFIRE) in Zimbabwe, this is a Refugee Permaculture Handbook. It includes both the permaculture design process, specifically for refugee areas and also strategies for water, energy, food autonomy.

Practicing and Promoting Sound Environmental Management in Refugee/Returnee Operations
These are the papers presented at an international workshop in 2001 in Switzerland held by UNHCR. They contain a lot of information on case studies on domestic energy projects, forestry and natural resource management, environmental awareness, etc. They include two case studies of using permaculture in refugee camps and a very thorough questionnaire, very similar to what we put together for Rojava on page 20

“You have to think about the camp as a human settlement, and not as a structure where people are packed into houses without any connection to their community” Anicet Adjahossou

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