Blueprint meeting in Tamera March 2017

Blueprint Alliance members

The Blueprint Alliance brings together people who are dedicated to the design and creation of regenerative human settlements that regenerate people’s lives and the land on which they live. One of the main objectives of the Alliance is to support living demonstration sites in which a range of regenerative systems and technologies are integrated within a holistic design.

Blueprint is an alliance of individuals from regenerative design businesses and charitable organisations aligned with the principles of ecological and regenerative design as a strategy for overcoming some of the most pressing and challenging humanitarian issues of our time. These issues include ecological and political displacement, extreme drought, flooding and desertification, climate destabilisation and changing weather patterns, armed conflict for resources, peak oil and energy descent, economic instability and biodiversity loss.

Twice a year, members of the Alliance gather together from around the world to meet at the peace research village of Tamera, which is an active partner in the Alliance. This ecovillage provides an excellent setting for our work due to its well developed community structure, which consciously operates with a high level of emotional intelligence. It is particularly well suited to being a demonstration site for regenerative solutions because much earth repair work has already taken place there on the brittle and desertifying ecosystems of southern Portugal.

The latest meeting of the Blueprint Alliance was in March 2017 and centred around our core principles of fostering and maintaining mutual trust.  The work ran in two parallel threads: the elucidation of our organisational structure and the development of new and existing projects.

There are now two main membership categories within the Blueprint Alliance. 

  • Core members are accountable for steering the Alliance, progressing our common projects and, most importantly, helping to develop the principles and practices that further our mission of creating regenerative human settlements. 
  • Collaborators support projects on the ground and the overall development of our wider networks – many based in places close to where Blueprint partnerships are most needed.

The Blueprint Council (with a rotating membership) is responsible for whole-organisation decisions.

We also brought more clarity to the types of initiatives supported by the Alliance.

  • Individual Projects involve single members engaging their specialist skills in related projects in diverse locations e.g. regenerative latrine design in Lebanese refugee camps.
  • Synergistic projects involve two or more members collaborating to carry out specific actions in different contexts e.g. the Lime Stabilised Soil Structures training in Nepal and the proposed intercultural education centre in northern Greece.
  • Core projects involve all Core members and have a special focus e.g. the Blueprint 200 project (BP200), which will translate into two prototypes – including one in Tamera that will consist of a campground for 200 people and serve as a living model where engineers, camp managers and NGOs can experience, by living with, the many regenerative solutions available.

The design of BP200 will show how the land can be transformed by harvesting both wastewater and rainwater and using them to create living soil, renewable resources, sustenance, potable water and beneficial satisfying livelihoods.

Our work with BP200 is also linked to the development of the Living Manual, which will document the core concepts, methodologies and technologies supporting regenerative design, and create an educational tool that draws on the evolving expertise and experience of all members of the Alliance. We formed a working team that will focus on developing the content, data flows and the processes necessary for publication on a dedicated interactive website.

Throughout the five days in Tamera, we held in mind the words of Bill Mollison, the co-originator of permaculture design – “Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.

These words continue to inform our thoughts and actions.

Members of the Blueprint Alliance

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