A model site educating on alternative solutions for displaced people

Blueprint200 design session in Malvern, UK

We are at the confluence of resource depletion, climate instability and economic inequality where we all need solutions for regenerative living. The global refugee situation offers a chance to direct the potential of these solutions towards this pressure point of our time; serving some of the people most in need today.
Our project will build an inspiring demonstration and training center in Tamera in the form of a temporary settlement for 200 people. This will serve as an evolving model for regenerative design which fosters trust and restores the surrounding landscape. The design integrates the elements of water, energy, shelter, food and social cohesion which can be used in emergency responses.
Those who stay in, visit and study the model will gain a new perspective, in a way that continuously influences camp designs, standards, and policies for displaced people and refugees.

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