blueprint200 - Earthworks design & implementation booklet

blueprint200 watersheds for site design

Please download the booklet 

This booklet describes one workstep in the second phase of this project: the design process of the Blueprint 200 site and the implementation of earthworks at Tamera Peace Research and Education Center in Portugal.

The implementation involved close collaboration between many people, numerous iterations of schematic designs, and fundraising. Contributers included the Blueprint Alliance, Tamera, Surplus Permaculture Design and the Grace Foundation.

Special thanks to Alexander Lehmann, Bernd Müller, Brecht Deriemaeker, Christoph Ulbig, Friedemann Gasse, Geoffroy Godeau, Greg Crawford, Kyle Smith, Marcus Dittrich, Nick Tittle, Rabea Herzog, Jay Abrahams, Chris Evans and Silvano Rizzi.

We would like to thank all those who were involved in completing this phase of the project including the 65 volunteers who helped to dig swales, mulch, seed slopes and plant trees.

All the documentation and photos were captured within the first month of implementation.


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