About Wetland Ecosystem Treatment

Jay Abrahams from Biologic Design in front of a WET-System

Blueprint's Jay Abrahams from Biologic Design has produced a short 5 minute video for the 2017 Agroecology Forum about Wetland Ecosystem Treatment or WET-Sytems, to encourage the discussion at the Forum about the use of Permaculture design principles creating Agroecological Systems.

This video is his first attempt at video editing and we are happy to share it here. 

Permaculture Conference & Convergence in London, UK

Permaculture Conference & Convergence 2015

The Permaculture Association UK hosted the International Permaculture Conference on the 8th and 9th of September and Convergence from September 10th to 16th (IPC). Jay Abrahams and Tom Chambers attended the Conference and Ruth attended both Conference and Covergence. Emergency response, the refugee crisis, and building community resilience through integrated design were topics that were touched in many presentations and workshops. Here are some of the highlights:

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