Projects of the Blueprint Network

Blueprint collaborates on projects around the world which aim to build local capacity in appropriate technologies and regenerative systems, grow community resilience through disaster prevention and recovery as well as research, develop and prototype innovative solutions for areas of crises


The project in Nepal started from a need to see a more integrated whole-systems response to the rebuilding efforts after the 2015 earthquake. Through the contact of permaculturist and Blueprint member Chris Evans, the Himalayan Permaculture Centre put together a plan and a budget for "Building Resilience Through Recovery" in two target villages, with the support of locally trained barefoot consultants, the Kamala Foundation and Abari - the local natural building company.

Through the relief agency ACTED International, Magnus Wolfe Murray, spent several weeks visiting Lebanon, observing and assessing the situation in order to give recommendations on improving local resilience, as well as designing a programme for an EU funding proposal. The project responds to an EU call for proposals to address food security and livelihoods which are both stressed in Northern Lebanon where the Syrian war has cut off traditional markets.  This, combined with a huge influx of refugees, has made the situation very difficult and social tensions are high.

Project Goal: Introduction of modules for a regenerative design of regional autonomy in the areas of water, food and energy. The objective is to combine training with on-site implementation in a communitarian setting and to visualize the potential of the terrain and its integration into the surrounding landscape. The intervention aims to integrate ecological, technological as well as social aspects.

A donation from Lush Charity Pot North America supported the Blueprint Experiment Week, August 2015 in Southern Portugal. The purpose of the Blueprint Experiment Week was to explore the synergistic effects of different fields of expertise and experts in offering solutions to meet our basic needs. The main objectives of our time together were to:

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