Peter Mellet

Peter Mellett

Born 1946 London. Formal education includes BSc chemistry and MA specialising in educational action research. Now 'retired' after a working life as a secondary school science teacher (18 years), science writer and editor (11 years) and curriculum developer for MSc distance learning programmes in Construction Management, Electrical Power Systems, and Environmental Management (11 years).
Father of Paul(o) and Mary, husband to Jane, father-in-law to Ruth and to Matt and grandfather of Rowan. I regard Blueprint as a collaborative community of practice whose members share a common set of values but who bring distinctive skills as 'knowledge carriers' that add real worth to project implementation.
My personal values relate to certain expressions of freedom, democracy, justice and love that I try to live out in the course of my life. Thus, within the context of Blueprint, I ask the question: 'How can I work with others to sustain and develop Paulo’s creative values as we try to make the world a better place?'